Developing Deeper Understanding

The Ocean Quest – Coral Propagation Course in a comprehensive training program aimed at students that wish to be part of a long-term coral propagation project. It is an entry-level training course that includes techniques and ethical practices in coral propagation. Topics discussed in the course includes fundamental knowledge of corals, equipment, proper coral extraction and handling, substrates, and the coral propagation techniques. Upon completion of this Online Course (theory), you will be able to apply and be accepted in the Ocean Quest’s Field Training (practical) program. This course is also a transition course for those wishing to become a coral propagation trainer. And this certification is a requisite for those wishing to be a volunteer with Ocean Quest. By completing the knowledge development before arriving at the training location, the student’s expense is reduced. It also allows those with limited time to take part in this course.


Fundamental Knowledge And Training

Knowledge development for the Coral Propagation Course is available only through online learning. This is knowledge development and self-learning system that consists of six chapters. Study materials and videos is included in this distance learning program. A knowledge review that must be completed by the student is at the end of each chapter.

Who can join?

Online Course: Anyone age 10 and above.

You must complete the online knowledge development before registering for Field Training. Upon completion of the online course, you will be given a digital certificate of completion. This is the qualification you need before you apply for the Ocean Quest’s Field Training.

Pre-Requisites For Field Training (Diving Participants):

1. Anyone age 10 and above.

2. Certified open water diver with at least 20 dives (a diving competency assessment will be conducted at site before the field training course).

3. For those who have not been diving for over 6 months, they are required to take the SCUBA refresher course before enrolling.

Duration and Activity

The Online Course duration is 4 weeks (learn in your free time).

The Field Training is a 2-day in-water intensive training program. You can schedule your session with Ocean Quest Global affiliate trainers. These are affiliate trainers that have developed their coral nursery systems to fulfill the course syllabus and objectives.

Day-1: Summarize the theoretical part of the Coral Propagation Course and knowledge reviews to recap what has been learned. You will explore and identify suitable substrate collection sites for extraction exercises, visit the training nursery site and see the coral nursery. 2 dives are scheduled and you will involve in actual coral extraction, handling, and propagating corals in the nurseries. Propagation techniques is demonstrated during the surface interval between the two dives.

Day-2: Undergo 2 dives, involve in actual coral extraction, handling, and propagating corals in the nurseries.

Course Fees

The fee for the online course is $USD 250 or equivalent in local currency (not inclusive of Field Training, Travel, and Accommodation at the site). The fee includes:

1. Registration

2. Trainer’s professional fee

3. Materials (as listed)

4. Course videos

5. Digital Certificate of Completion (upon completion of Online Course)

6. E-wallet card (upon completion of Field Training)

Study Times

Immediately after enrolment, the student will be given the link to enter the course and obtain the study material for them to begin reading. They are also required to find answers to all the quizzes at the end of every chapter. It is best to begin studying at least 3 days prior to the course.

Course Materials

The course materials include:

1. 6 chapters (reading materials) on Guide to Coral Propagation

2. 10 Course Videos

3. Questionnaire sheets

The online course is accessible on all platforms; mobile, desktop and tablet.

Personal Preparation For Field Training

Coral propagation is a physically strenuous activity. Therefore, you are required to be physically fit for strenuous underwater activity. It is best to pay attention in getting physically conditioned for this course. Get enough rest and do light exercise to keep in shape. If you are going to be using any new piece of diving equipment, you may want to consider testing it in the pool or doing a few recreational dives with them. If you have not been diving for prolonged periods, you are required to do a SCUBA Refresher course. Ensure that you can attain good buoyancy.

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