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Marine Conservation Pakistan sole mission is the protection of marine species and ecosystems in the ocean of Pakistan.

It involves not only the protection and propagation of Corals, loss of habitats, but also human activities such as overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution that flows in to ocean trough canals and other issues that impact marine life and its habitats.

Bring Coral Rehabilitation Knowledge To The People

Coral Propagation Course

Coral Nursery Development

Coral Reef Rehabilitation Specialty

Coral Propagation Trainer

Coral Conservation

Awareness & Education

ECO Learning Center Setup

Community Skill Development

Sustainable Eco Tourism Training

Eco Camp Workshops

Are you already a diver or a dive professional? If yes, take a step forward and become a coral gardener. You have the chance to help in coral reef rehabilitation. Choose any training course and join the movement.

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Anuar Abdullah

Ocean Quest Global Founder

Songul Jamal


Shabib Asghar



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